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22 January 2017

Homeless Man Arrested in Center City Assault on Transgender Woman: Police

David Chang


06 October 2015

Group of Men Beat, Shoot, Kill Transgender Woman in Philly

David Chang


ezs note:   Sigh... what can I say?  It may seem futile, but you can help.  If you live in Philadelphia, (especially near the 1300 block of Wingohocking Street) or you pass through there for business or pleasure, please call the Philadelphia Police Department at 215-686-TIPS (8477).  Thanks.

Rest in peace, Keisha.  Know that you are loved.

20 July 2013

Man Accused of Killing Transgender Lover, Dumping Body Parts in Lot

 David Chang

*more here*

ezs note:  As revolted as I am by this... disgusting seems so puny... man's actions, I am so proud of this girlfriend's act of turning him in to the police.  This is an act of bravery and courage.  Though I may never meet you, please know that people around the planet are grateful to you.  People such as you make the world safer.

You can be a hero too.  If you have credible evidence that a transgender person is being murdered, raped, bludgeoned, or even threatened, turn that m*****f***** in!!!