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02 December 2018

civil rights - Photos: Rally for transgender rights features peace, love

Collin Gaddie

Oklahoma State Capitol
Oklahoma City, OK


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16 May 2018

Turkey: Banned Pride march must be allowed to take place in peace

Amnesty International


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ezs note:  Hey, if it can take place in São Paulo, it can place in Ankara.  PERIOD.

18 November 2017

El Salvador - How Two Trans Salvadoran Migrants Found Peace in Tijuana

Amanda Ottaway, Meghan Dhaliwal, Gabriela Martinez


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06 November 2017

A rational approach to transgender discussion

Logan Chipkin
The Cougar


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15 May 2017

In spite of backlash, Target continues to #TakePride

Andrew Clausen
The American Genius


ezs note:  I'm not really a hawkish type, but if you have goods to buy, you might want to consider Target.  They're really a very progressive company, with reasonable prices.  Plus, you'll have a chance to piss off the American 'Family' Association!

17 March 2014


I think that we are becoming more and more linked, and before long, we'll all become one culture. It's happening in every field, not just fashion.  Actually, I think the only hope for peace is if culture is homogenized.

     - Tom Ford

'To Quote A Queer'

17 January 2012

Pee in Safety! (

*more above*

ezs note:  Okay, okay, this article may give you a few yuks, but if you or a friend really has to go, this blog has some very useful information.  Particularly, has some very useful information.  Let me know how it goes.