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27 November 2017

At a Navajo veterans' event, Trump makes 'Pocahontas' crack

Dan Merica


please press:

ezs note:  If you happen to be in Holyoke, Massachusetts on November 9, perhaps you should be here.

06 March 2016

Transgender green activist makes Irish election history (UK)

Henry McDonald
The Guardian

Belfast, Northern Ireland


11 October 2015

Hillary Clinton Makes 10 Promises to LGBT Americans, But Will She Really Keep Them?

Carolyn M. Brown
Black Enterprise


24 July 2015

President Obama makes history with Africa visit

Baltimore Post-Examiner


29 May 2015

CII edict makes Almas Bobby happy (Pakistan)

Hamid Wazir
Daily Times


ezs note:  In most Western societies, the term 'shemale' is considered derogatory.  However, in Eastern societies (particularly in Islamic societies) the connotation is not the same.  Hope this helps.