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05 December 2018

Wyoming - "Matthew Shepard Is Part Of Our Tribe" The Two Spirit Movement On Wind River Reservation

Melodie Edwards
Wyoming Public Radio

Wind River, Wyoming


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ezs note:  The Wind River Reservation bravely supports us, and we should support them.  To cite just one instance, the average lifespan is just 49, in the range of Chad. There is a need for doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers, professionals and paraprofessionals.  You should, before going, acknowledge and respect the traditions of the tribe.  Good luck.  

12 November 2018

Vietnam - Activists call for movement on transgender rights law in Vietnam

VN Express

Hanoi, Vietnam


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17 June 2015

24 January 2015

Transgender teen’s death stirs action in US and beyond

Dan Sewell
The Boston Globe

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ezs note:   Despite what you may think at times, you do have a friend!  Please contact these people:

The Trevor Project:
Trans LifeLine:
Family Acceptance Project:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255