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15 October 2017

Patients risk being left behind as foreign donors pull the plug on HIV/AIDS in Vietnam (Vietnam)

Lam Le
VN Express International


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ezs note:  This is, by far, the most fascinating story about Vietnam has reported.  Y'see, it's not entirely Vietnam's fault.  A certain agency, PEPFAR, has, until recently, provided a large sum of the funds necessary to combat HIV/AIDS.  PEPFAR stands for U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.  And guess who's in charge of that after January 20?

I don't even want to say it...

Please, call your Representative and both Senators and ask that PEPFAR be fully funded.

12 March 2015

Breast Cancer Risk No Higher in Transgender Patients

Endocrinology Advisor


ezs note:  While this is a hopeful sign, it's always best to check with your doctor, and follow her/his advice!

25 February 2015

This Daily Pill Virtually Eliminates The Risk Of HIV Infection, Two New Studies Confirm



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ezs note:  I am cautiously optimistic regarding the use of Truvada.  It certainly wouldn't hurt.  Be aware, though, that there is a virus in Cuba which is more stubborn than the old HIV/AIDS virus.  Be safer and ask your doctor.

19 January 2011

01 January 2011

At risk: sex, HIV, and the community (Newsline Magazine [Pakistan])

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ezs note: please read this influential article.  If you can, make a donation to responsible organization (such as UNAIDS) that will provide children with information.