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15 July 2017

If anything Donald Trump Jr. says is true, he and his father are terrible negotiators

Cathy Boggs
Los Angeles Times


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11 July 2017

15 March 2017

Father and Daughter Come Out as Transgender

Brittney McNamara


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13 June 2016

What has the Orlando gunman's father said?

Tucker Reals


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07 March 2016

When my father came out as transgender, the realisation that he was gone hit hard (UK)

Joshua Hewitt
The Guardian


27 February 2016

Transgender teen’s twin, father promote inclusion

Lauren Abbate

Portland Press Herald

Nicole Maines, second from left


11 March 2015

Florida House bill would remove gay adoption ban from law

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

ezs note:  I made a mistake about Mr. Artiles view on adoption. I have pulled the cartoon.  My apologies, Mr. Artiles.

23 March 2011

Transgendered father gets prison time for beating kids because they won't call him 'mom' (New York Daily News)

(more in blue/above)
ezs note: This is, of course, a very troubling case.  (for example, the New York Daily 
News' moronic reporting style)  But suffice it to say she has no
right to beat, abuse, and/or starve her children.  EVER.

23 August 2010

Transgender N.S. woman's father a U.K. knight (CBC [Canada])

The transgendered woman attempting to gain refugee status in Nova Scotia is making headlines in her homeland of Northern Ireland, partially because she comes from a high-profile family. (more above)