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15 October 2017

19 years after Matthew Shepard's death, his family is still fighting for LGBTI rights

Rafella Gunz
Gay Star News

murder site of Matthew Shepard
(Laramie, WY)


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17 January 2017

Relive Obama’s 8 Years of Pro-LGBTQ Leadership in Just 3 Minutes (Video)

Daniel Villarreal
Unicorn Booty


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25 November 2016

Eddie Izzard reveals years of transgender abuse to court (UK)

The Guardian

Eddie Izzard


14 June 2016

Man sentenced to 22 to 44 years after pleading guilty to murder of transgender woman

Chris Caesar

Raheam Felton


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07 August 2010

An absolute pleasure for 35 years... (Reuters)

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment celebrates the 35th anniversary of the
pop culture phenomenon The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Blu-ray Disc debut
on October 19.  (more above)