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15 December 2019

02 December 2018

lead story - Grandma mistakenly booked into all-male jail, staff thought she was transgender



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ezs note:  Ah, what dumbasses these Florida, ahem, "correctional' officers are.   Listen, you may have been told that this is still the 17th century, but things a bit past that now.  In this century, females - cis or trans - go to the female jail.  I know that you long for the days of horsewhipping, but, hey, we all have to get over things.

30 January 2018

Transgender prisoner suffers horrific head wound in attack at all-male jail (UK)

Andy Gardner
The Sun 


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22 October 2017

Tanzanian authorities jail 13 activists for 'promoting homosexuality'

James Besanville
Gay Star News


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ezs note:  You can make a difference in these people's lives!  All you do is press the button and fill out the form on the right side.  That's it!

29 March 2016

Indiana: Pay to Pee Bill Will Punish Transgender Students With Jail and Fines for Using Wrong Bathrooms, Senate Bill 35 Under Fire

Essel Pratt


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ezs note:  Indiana residents - please remember to have your state representative AND state senator vote NO on this moronic bill!  Thanks. 

23 October 2015

11 September 2015

21 July 2015

Black Transgender Woman Profiled While On Vacation, Now Stuck In Iowa Jail

Zack Ford
Think Progress


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02 June 2015

Trans Woman Says Jail Staff Ridiculed And Mocked Her During Pat Down

28 March 2015

02 April 2014


I can't say I'll never go to jail for a cause again, but I hope I never have any more jail bologna,

     - Michael Cunningham

'To Quote A Queer'

24 December 2013

Transgender man’s suit claims Georgia jail ignored rape by corrections officer


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ezs note:  Fortunately, this vile 'corrections officer' is getting what he deserves.  If you are a corrections officer who is a witness to such things, please turn him in.  Inmates deserve fair treatment too!!!