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09 November 2016

Speaker shows how to treat the transgender community

Melvin Mendez


18 March 2016

Brown U. Students Protest Black Transgender Speaker Because Jewish Group Invited Her

Robby Soave


please press:

ezs note:  Congratulations, nitwits.  You just kept the most influential African-American transwoman away from one of the most influential universities on North America... if not the entire planet.  Hope you're happy.

F&$*ing morons...

11 February 2015

12 April 2014

Anti-gay U.S. speaker allowed to enter Canada for anti-abortion conference


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ezs note:  I am a believer in free speech. Therefore, I believe that this knuckle-dragging, moronic, idiotic, excuse for a human being should be allowed into Canada..  I ALSO believe that Canadians should raise such a ruckus that LaBarbara cannot be heard.

09 June 2013

Christine Quinn Offers Self-Defense Classes

ezs note:  Don't you become another tragic statistic!  In New York City, the cost is free!  To find out if your city or town is doing the same, check your phone book.  There are also literally thousands of private self-defense classes you can call.  Don't delay - call today!