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04 March 2019

Of ALL the people...


ezs note:  This one flabbergasted me.  It seems very unlikely, but, after a while, it really does make sense.   I'll leave a little space, so you can guess if you like.  First the quote:

“You start thinking you can do the things he does—try to intimidate people, do outlandish things against them—and you won’t face consequences. He might not face consequences, but you’re going to. Everyone could become a kamikaze for him."

Roger Stone
by Emily Jane Fox
"I'm Sorry For The Tweet That I Sent": Inside The Bonkers Michael Cohen-Matt Gaetz Apology
Vanity Fair

01 June 2018

lead story - Repeal of transgender protections unlikely

Maeve Duggan

eastern end of Mass Pike


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06 November 2016

Colorado Springs unlikely candidate

Cheyenne DeChristopher
Met Media


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ezs note:  To find more about Misty Plowright's candidacy, please press the button here.

29 June 2015

ND unlikely to extend anti-discrimination protection to gays

James Macpherson


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ezs note:  Residents of North Dakota - if you share the same residence as one of the state legislators listed above, give 'em a piece of your mind!  If they seem particularly snotty, well, you can run...

28 May 2015

Meet Warren Entsch, Queensland's unlikely but vocal LGBTI champion (Australia)

Matthew Knott
The Sydney Morning Herald


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