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23 October 2011

Homophobia exacts a chilling price as hate crimes climb (

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ezs note:  If you are transgender, gay, lesbian, or bisexual and are being harassed, please turn them in!  It's time for you to stop worrying, and let the trolls do it for a change!

09 September 2011

Police figures show rise in recorded anti-gay and transphobic crimes (

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ezs comment:  One thing raised my attention:  According to UK police, among transgender people, crime rose fourteen percent.  To those of you who who are fearful, I do understand.  But those who go unreported, this only means that these trolls go with impunity.  Don't let this happen!!! 

13 July 2011

Number of hate crimes against LGBT people increasing (newsytype)

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ezs note:  I know it sucks... I know it's scary... but if you are attacked, REPORT IT, IMMEDIATELY!!!   It only gets worse if you let it slide.