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15 February 2018

Do Not Let These Three Threats to Justice Join the Federal Bench

The Leadership Conference

Stuart Kyle Duncan, Thomas Farr, Michael Brennan
(aka The Three Stooges)


please press:

ezs note: To find out who your Senators are (remember, you have two) click on .

14 October 2015

Outcry over the killing of three transgender women in Argentina (Singapore)



ezs note:  Word came from Buenos Aires, Argentina the sad news that three transgender women were murdered.  The most recent one was Diana Sacayan. Whether you live in Buenos Aires or travel there, please contact the Buenos Aires police immediately!!!

Rest in peace, Diana...

01 September 2010

Believe it or not, you are looking at three dudes (Kotaku)

Kayo Satou, aka "Kayo Police", has not only been called one of Japan's best Street Fighter IV players, but also one of Japan's best-looking Street Fighter IV players. (more above)