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25 February 2016

Oklahoma City man arrested of sexual assault involving transgender female

Joey Stipak


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27 October 2014

19 September 2014

Public Awareness Campaign to Help Prevent Campus Sexual Assault Includes LGBT Youth

Hayley Miller

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ezs note:  This is a travesty, nothing but.  64 PERCENT  of our transgender sisters and brothers are sexually assaulted!!!  The only we can heal is to talk.  In the United States,  the National Sexual Assault Hotline is:

22 June 2014

Police Seek Suspect in Sex Assault of Transgender Female

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ezs note: Police got a lucky break this time.  The transgender woman got a number of clues as she was being raped.The suspect was driving a gold four-door Lexus, possibly an ES 350.  This took place in the Washington DC area.  If you see the car, do NOT encounter the suspect, but contact the police IMMEDIATELY!!!  The phone number for the police is 202-727-9099.

05 March 2014

Transgender student in California recants sexual assault story

 Kate Stanton

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ezs note:  It turns out that the story told by the transgender boy is NOT true.  I'm sorry about that, and I will pull the previous article.  What I wrote in the opinion piece afterward, however, remains true.  If you see a transgender person being attacked and/or assaulted, turn them in!

02 March 2013

Transgender Woman Reported Gang-Raped in New York - TRUDY RING -

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ezs note:  If you live in or visit the midtown Manhattan (57th Street) area of New York City, and you have any information regarding this vile rape, please contact the New York City police department immediately!!  Their telephone number is 800-577-TIPS.  Take a good  look at the photo. Thanx.

12 August 2010

RPI: preventing sexual assault

A commitment to safety is a commitment to creating an environment free from all forms of exploitation and intimidation. (more above)