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18 July 2018

lead story - Voters must defend transgender non-discrimination law

Bill McKenna
Lowell Sun

First Parish Church
Shirley, MA


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14 January 2018

03 April 2017

ACLU takes legal action to defend rights of transgender students in Pennsylvania

Steve Lee
LGBT Weekly


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ezs note:  To help the ACLU in its efforts to maintain civil rights and liberties, you can find out here

29 October 2016

Thousands Join Asia’s Largest LGBT Pride Parade in Taiwan (India)

Sakshi Post


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14 March 2014


We destroyed and annihilated them (Iraqis) ... We destroyed the infrastructure.  We dismantled their abilities to defend against outside invaders.  We didn't even do that to Germany in World War II.  You don't do that unless your plan is to stay - to occupy.

     - Jeff Key