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20 May 2020

Donald Trump - Trump will lose in a landslide because of the economy, new election model predicts

Matt Egan

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ezs note:  Contrary to what the rosy picture above portrays, the best predictor in any state is YOU.  First, make sure you're registered, and done so properly.   Second, remind yourself to vote.  Thanks.

17 February 2019

Malta - Trailblazing LGBTIQ+ icon and model Katia passes away

Kurt Sansone
Malta Today

Qrendi, Malta


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15 June 2018

lead story - Model Munroe Bergdorf Is Beating The Odds As A Transgender Woman Of Color

Blair Raynor

detail of the Bayeux Tapestry (1066)


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12 March 2016

14 March 2015

09 June 2013

26 October 2010

Second man accused of fatally shooting Maplewood transgender model surrenders (

MAPLEWOOD — The second man accused of killing a transgender woman inside an apartment in Maplewood last month surrendered to police late Sunday night, authorities said.(more above)