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23 February 2019

Rhode Island - US Senator leading effort to overturn transgender military ban

Morgan Wright

Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI)


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08 May 2018

Louisiana - Louisiana House rejects effort to study issues of incarcerated women

Mark Ballard
The Advocate

The Cowardly Lion
(currently 'serving' in the Louisiana House)


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22 December 2016

Deep Divide Stops Effort to Repeal North Carolina's Controversial 'Bathroom Bill'



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ezs note:  C'mon, Mr. Karmanos, have a heart - let our team come back and punish North Carolina for its obstinacy!

04 May 2016

One more hurdle for transgender rights effort

Frank Phillips /
Boston Globe


07 February 2016

Effort to Replace NSAA’s Policy on Transgender Student-Athletes Looks Bound for Defeat

Joe Dejka
News Channel Nebraska


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ezs note:  Nebraskans - yes, it's looking better and better!  But let's put the final nail in this coffin. Urge your state legislators to vote NO on this idiotic bill!

22 December 2015

Another California effort targeting transgender bathroom rights stalls

Christopher Cadelago
Sacramento Bee


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24 March 2015

Russia Loses Bid To Deny Benefits To Spouses Of Gay U.N. Staff



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29 April 2014

Group seeks referendum on transgender rights law

Michael Dresser

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ezs note:  Marylanders - please inform your friends and neighbors about the purpose of this odious anti-bill.  Together, we can do it!