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09 July 2017

Rarely used test could help ID transgender woman in 30-year-old Lake County cold case

Christal Hayes
Orlando Sentinal

"Julie Doe"
(actual identity unknown)


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20 February 2017

Democrats to test Virginia's GOP incumbents in every House district won by Clinton

Patricia Sullivan
The Roanoke Times


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ezs note:  If you live in one of Virginia's troglodyte Republican districts, you know what to do - volunteer, vote, and if no one is running in your district, run yourself!

30 August 2014

Transgender Women's Killings Test Police Outreach


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ezs note:  The murders of two transgender women have shaken the good city of Baltimore to its core.  Please, if you have any information regarding Mia Henderson or Kandy Hall's murder, call the Baltimore police immediately!  Don't let the vermin get away!

21 May 2014

Bill Cotterell: This test will slow the ‘gay agenda’

Bill Cotterell

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ezs note:  If you live in Florida's 19th state house district, please consider running against Charles Van Zant.  I can't guarantee anything as far as what the results will be, but please know that you will receive my heartfelt thanks.