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18 March 2018

13 February 2018

Ecuador - Gay Men In Ecuador Are Being Beaten And Raped To ‘Cure’ Them, Activists Say

Anastasia Moloney

flag of Ecuador


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12 February 2018

New Mexico - Activists Post Bond for SanTana Immigrant Trans Woman Seeking Asylum

OC Weekly


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ezs note:  If you read the article, please read my letter to the editor.

22 October 2017

Tanzanian authorities jail 13 activists for 'promoting homosexuality'

James Besanville
Gay Star News


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ezs note:  You can make a difference in these people's lives!  All you do is press the button and fill out the form on the right side.  That's it!

09 October 2017

22 September 2017

04 September 2017

02 July 2017

On a midnight stroll, activists reach out to Hollywood's transgender and homeless population

Leila Miller
Los Angeles Times


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ezs note:  Hey - YOU can be one of those who makes a difference in putting a dent in homelessness!  Send in a donation, volunteer, or serve on a board.  Anyway you do it, you'll be helping!

06 May 2017

Transgender refugees attacked on Leros, activists report (Greece)


scene in Leros, Greece


17 April 2017

NY Times Rips Trump Over LGBT ‘Fallacy': He Is No ‘Champion’ of Gay, Transgender People

Brian Flood
The Wrap


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ezs note:  It's nice to think that Jared and Ivanka can persuade Donald to better rights for LGBTQ+ folks.  It's also nice to think that the sky will rain gumdrops tomorrow. C'mon, NYT - there's optimism, but then there's foolishness - and I suspect you've chosen the latter.

18 March 2017

This year on track to be deadliest for transgender women — but activists are fighting back

Sarah Lazare


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ezs note:  One thing that transgender women and men might want to try is self-defense classes.  (See the previous day's article, "Kelly Herron slams group using her attack in anti-transgender bathroom campaign".)  Yeah, it might be nice to have the police around, but we must be realistic.  Some larger cities and towns offer classes at a very low or no cost to you.

10 March 2017

Transgender Rights Activists Demand Answers After Sen. Lucio's SB6 Support

Derick Garcia

Eddie Lucio Jr. (NOT Eddie Lucio lll (his son))


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06 March 2017

Activists say two Pakistani transgender women beaten to death in Saudi Arabia

Mehreen Zahra-Malik



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ezs note: You can contact the embassy in the United States by writing an e-note to the Ambassador.  Please keep it polite yet firm. We do not wish to make these situations even worse.  In other countries, check what the e-mail might be for that country.  (I found Wikipedia to be helpful.)

04 November 2016

14 April 2016

Massachusetts transgender activists make frustration clear to Baker

Colin A. Young
The Berkshire Eagle