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19 May 2017

Pakistan's first transgender lecturer (India)

Deccan Chronicle


22 May 2016

Transgender Teacher Steps Out To Students

Kathleen Megan
Hartford Courant


please press:

27 November 2015

WHS Teacher: Transgender Students Need to Feel Safe

Susan Miller


28 May 2013

‘Shame on the media,’ coroner says at inquest into death of transgender woman

Jillian Page

27 March 2013

Transgender Teacher Kills Self After Being Bullied By Newspaper - Judy Molland -

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ezs note:  This hits close to home, though the ocean separates us. No one deserves what Lucy Meadows got in Richard Littlejohn's vituperative attack.  Please, if you find yourself depressed or suicidal, seek counseling immediately!  I promise things will get better.

As far as Mr. Littlejohn goes, yes, he should be fired.  Then shipped to an Antarctic island.