30 November 2013


It's getting to the last month of the last month of the year.  Already!  Here in the United States Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas preparations are on the way.  Little kids who believe in Santa Claus (or, kinda believe) are writing letters or e-letters to be sent to Ole Saint Nick.

However, what do we grown-ups write?  Isn't there anything that we wish for?  Well, let's see. I wish that every transgender person has a home to live in.  I wish that she or he would walk from the store to home without being accosted.  I wish that she or he would hold hands with a girl/boyfriend without being stared at or kicked out.  I wish that she/he be allowed to live, period.

Go ahead, write to Santa Claus. But then write to your Congressperson regarding these essential issues.  Whatever your belief or non-belief, you'll be jollier for it.

Wellington, Kansas   Mike Pompeo (R)  KS4
Scranton, Pennsylvania   Matt Cartwright (D   PA17
San Jose, California  Zoe Lofgren (D)   CA19
Asheville, North Carolina   Patrick McHenry  (R)   NC10
Lawrence, Kansas  Lynn Jenkins (R)   KS2
Yonkers, New York   Eliot Engel (D   NY16
Rowlett, Texas  Pete Sessions (R)   TX32
Belgrade, Montana   Steve Daines (R)   MT(at large)
Winnetka,california   Xavier Becerra (R)   CA34
Towanda, Illinois   Aaron Schock (R)   IL18

The listings above are at random, through the Internet.  If you live in (not near) one of the towns or cities listed above, simply press the name of the person, and you will be transported to their district office.  For other Congresspeople, press www.house.gov, and enter your ZIP code in the upper right corner.  For multiple Congresspeople, enter the ZIP+4 code.(example:  12345-6789)  This can be found on most of your regular mail.  Thanks!

Lawrence, Kansas

Credit:  http://myeducationofagardener.files.wordpress.com/

29 November 2013

My Prairie Home with Rae Spoon bends genre, gender (Canada)


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No more transphobia (UK)


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ezs note:  Thank you!

Tamil Nadu Schools to Invite Transgender Activists and Counselors to Take Gender Identity Sessions (India)


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Laverne Cox, Transgender Actress, Discusses Bullying In Vibe Vixen Interview

James Nichols

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Killed for who they really were: Kingston remembers those murdered for being transgender (UK)

Hannah Pupkewitz

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ezs note:  She was hanged to death at age 13.

At age 13!!!

Remember... please, remember.

27 November 2013

WATCH: Navy Chaplain Claims 'Demon of Rape' Inside Call for Trans Student Rights

Sunnivie Brydum

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ezs note:  Hey, kids!   Let's sing the "Gordon Klingenschmitt" song!

"If he only had a brain..."

Local vigil marks Transgender Day of Remembrance (with correction)


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Transgender given hall ticket for TNPSC Civil Exam (India)


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BCPC Launches Women’s Groups, Observes Trans Awareness Month

Winnie McCroy

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Transgender man settles discrimination lawsuit


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Happy Turkey/Tofurkey Day!

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To all my Jewish friends, happy Hanukkah!

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26 November 2013

CAP Releases LGBT Detainee Report

Will O'Bryan

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ezs note:  No matter what state you reside in, you do have rights!  To find out what they are, go to these websites:

Transgender Law Center  (specifically for transgenders)

National Justice Law Center


Hate Group Wages War Of Words And Fake Signatures Against CA’s Trans Student Law


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A Case Study in Transphobia: Rolling Stone’s “About a Girl: Coy Mathis’s Fight to Change Gender”

Leela Ginelle

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Hip hop artists Macklemore and Lewis join UN gay and transgender rights campaign (Canada)


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Cisgender bias and airline miles


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25 November 2013

Transgender Russian Lawyer Strips Down for Gay Rights in Russia

Joseph Pedro

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Report: LGBT Immigrants Abused In Detention


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Remembering fallen friends

Jess Bourget

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Colo. School Board Member: Transgender Students Need 'Castration' Before Using Bathrooms

Matt Ferner

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Will Californians Get To Vote On Protections For Trans Students?

Tony Merevick

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23 November 2013



There are times, to be sure, when it is good, even noble, to be silent.  When we are in our rooms, late at night, contemplating.  When we are in the woods or fields.  When we are in a rocker.

However, there are times when it is clearly not good to be silent.  When some yahoo spouts his garbage, who is there to speak up?

You are.

I have made this point clearly and abundantly.  I believe in inclusive equality.  This includes gays.  This includes lesbians.  This includes bisexuals. This includes queers.  This includes questioners.  And this includes (near and dear to my heart) transgenders.

I do what I can.  But you must do things too!  When a bill comes before Congress, e-write her or him.  When your Congressperson comes to town, go there and speak up.  When your town or city hall has a meeting, go there and speak up.  When you can't make it because of work, e-write the council members.  If necessary, protest.  And if all the people have hearts of stone, dammit, run yourself!

You've shown enough silence. Go out there and do something.

Alexandria, Virginia   Jim Moran (D)   VA8
Roselle, Illinois Tammy Duckworth (D)   IL8
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania   Patrick Meehan (R)   PA7
Leesburg, Virginia   Frank Wolf (R)   VA10
Crestview, Florida   Jeff Miller (R)  FL1
Overland Park, Kansas  Kevin Yoder (R) KS4
Lakeside, California   Duncan Hunter (R)   CA50
South Bend, Indiana   Jackie Walorski (R)   IN2
Sugar Land, Texas   Pete Olson (R)   TX22
Fremont, Indiana   Marlin Stutzman (R)   IN3

The listings above are randomly selected by the Internet.  If you live in (not near) one of the towns or cities listed above, just press the name of the Congressperson, and you will be transported to her/his site.  If you are at all unsure of your Congressperson, go to www.house.gov and enter your ZIP code.  If several people are the result, please enter the ZIP+4 code.  (example: 12345-6789)  Thanks.

Roselle, Illinois

Credit:  http://scudopro.com/

22 November 2013

Rest in peace, JFK...

Credit:  http://www.britannica.com/

Memories of JFK From His Gay Best Friend


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WATCH: Activists Picket Calif. Group Targeting Trans Kids


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About Islan Nettles

Akiba Solomon

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ezs note:  Please, if you have any information or evidence about Paris Wilson or his accomplices, turn it in to police immediately.  Thanks. 

Glee's Transgender Character Actor Condemns Bill O'Reilly's Transphobia


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Sweden's first retirement home for LGBT community opens in Stockholm


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21 November 2013

Gender neutral bathrooms should be more widespread


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Preserving the Transgender Day of Remembrance: A memorial for our dead

Lorelei Erisis

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ezs note:  REMEMBER!!!

Transgender Family Thanksgiving Celebrations

Wayne Maines

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Good Samaritan Speaks Out After Helping Teen Set On Fire On Oakland Bus


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ezs note:  Thank you, Dan Gale!

Baltimore remembers the lives of its transgender victims

Kevin Rector

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20 November 2013


Today is International Transgender Day of Remembrance in North America.(November 20).  Below is a video which lists the 239 known murders of transgender people.  Unfortunately the actual number is far higher.  Below that is a listing  of places where you can find out where services are being held  If you cannot reach the sites where services are being held, please play the video at home.  In my opinion, it is quite moving.


Teaneck, New Jersey
(November 23)

Wichita, Kansas
(November 23)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kingston, Ontario

Fairfax, Virginia

Fargo, North Dakota/Moorhead, Minnesota
Joliet, Illinois

Albany, New York

Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Portland, Maine

London, Ontario, Canada

Kansas City, Missouri

Brighton, England
(November 24)

Denton, Texas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Boise, Idaho

Croydon, United Kingdom

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Richmond, Virginia

Baltimore, Maryland

Las Vegas, Nevada
(November 22nd)


Beaufort, South Carolina

Cincinnati, Ohio

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(November 22),

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
(November 22)

Tucson, Arizona

Nijmegen, the Netherlands
(November 23rd)

Denver, Colorado

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada  

London, United Kingdom
(November 22th)

Evansville, Indiana
(November 23th))

Oneonta, New York

St. Louis, Missouri

Providence, Rhode Island 
(November 21st)

Lexington, Kentucky 
(November 22nd)

Nashville, Tennessee

Chestertown, Maryland

Amarillo, Texas
(November 21st)

Tri-Cities, Tennessee (Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol)
(November 21st)

Portland, Oregon

Raleigh, North Carolina

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Durham, New Hampshire

San Antonio, Texas
(November 21st)

Detroit, Michigan
(November 22nd)

Cleveland, Ohio
(November 22nd)

Seattle, Washington

Santa Barbara, California

Fresno, California

San Diego, California

Eugene, Oregon

Westport, Connecticut

Grand Rapids, Michigan
(November 22)

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Seaside, California

Berkeley, California

Tallahassee, Florida

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Prescott, Arizona

London, United Kingdom

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Olympia, Washington

Portland, Oregon
(November 24)

London, United Kingdom

South Bend, Indiana

Hilo, Hawai’i

Binghamton, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Rockford, Illinois

Memphis, Tennessee

Rochester, New York

New York, New York

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chico, California

Hartford, Connecticut

Manchester, United Kingdom
(November 24th)

Columbus, Indiana
(November 23th)

Austin, Texas

Lawrence, Kansas

Rocklin, California

Knoxville, Tennessee

Omaha, Nebraska

Jacksonville, Florida

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(November 21st)

New Orleans, Louisiana

Houston, Texas

Cincinnati, Ohio

St John’s, NL, Canada

Columbus, Ohio

Houston, Texas
(November 23rd)

Fort Worth, Texas

Strasbourg, France
(November 23rd)

Saskatchewan, Canada (Regina)

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Plymouth, New Hampshire)

Winona, Minnesota

San Francisco, California

Gloucester, United Kingdom
( November 26th)

St. Peter, Minnesota

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Gainesville, Florida
(November 21st)

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
(November 21st)

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois(2)

Asheville, North Carolina

Washington D.C., USA

Chicago, Illinois(3)

New South Wales, Australia(Sydney)
(November 22th, 2013)

DeLand, Florida

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Portland, Oregon

Fort Collins, Colorado

Syracuse, New York

Quezon City, Philippines
November 24th
(check to see if still on due to typhoon)

Palm Desert, California

Highland Park, New Jersey
(November 24th)

Huntington, West Virginia


Clearwater, Florida

White Plains, New York
(November 23rd)

Seattle, Washington

Sonara, California

Orlando, Florida

New York City, New York

Bend, Oregon

Rocklin, California
(November 23rd)

Hamilton, New Zealand
November 24rd

Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Long Beach, California

Dahlonega, Georgia

Unless indicated otherwise, all dates are November 20.  If you see a site you may be interested in, go to www.transgenderdor.org.  Thanks.

19 November 2013

Equality House gets new look for Transgender Remembrance Day

Celia Llopis-Jepsen

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ezs note:  Thank you, Equality House!  I find it especially fitting that " "Reverend" " Phelps gets stuck in his eye rather than the other way around.  Yay!

Sasha Fleischman: Oakland Councilmembers Propose "Transgender Remembrance Day"

Erin Sherbert

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ezs note:  Good for you, Oakland City Council!  REMEMBER SASHA FLEISCHMAN!!!

Suspect in beating death of transgender woman walks


*more here*

ezs note:  Please, I urge you, if you have any evidence that leads either to Mr. Wilson or to another suspect, feel better about yourself and turn this in.  Thanks.  

Issuing a Universal Call for Trans Human Rights: OFL Statement on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20, 2013


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ezs note:  Thank you, Ontario Federation of Labour!

p.s.:  REMEMBER!!

How I Went From Blogger to Crusader For Trans People

Parker Molloy

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18 November 2013

Come on in!

Source:  http://easynuh.com/

Yes, I really am interested in what you have to say.  Whether yours is a commentary, an important addition which the author left out, or a compliment (I really like those!) ,  you are more than welcome to let your voice be heard.  While complaints - civil complaints - are heard, please bear in mind that a wide variety are open to be heard, and aren't necessarily *my* opinion.  

When you have something to say,  move your arrow until it lines up with "(number of)comments" section.  Click it once, and wait for a box to appear.  This is your dialog box.  Type to your heart's content, prove to the computer that you're not a robot, and you're done!  Yay! 

Transgender Day of Remembrance candlelight memorial on Wednesday


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Nebraska inmate, transgender partner lose lawsuit to marry


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