28 May 2014

Cheyenne Jackson to Host West Coast Liberty Awards


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Berkeley: Leak shuts down confidential police hearings

Judith Scherr

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City Council: LGBT group deserves a spot in parade


Rochester to cover transgender services


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An open letter to Gov. Dannel Malloy

Credit:   host.madison.com

Gov. Malloy:

By now, you are well aware of the imprisoning of Jane Doe.  (Because of her being underage, this is not her actual name.)  You are also quite aware of her not being arrested for any crime. I do not like shouting from the rooftops for any controversy, but this is truly Orwellian.

I am not writing to you today because she is transgender.  I am writing to you because she is a human being.  Like everyone else in Connecticut, she has certain inalienable rights - rights which extend to the United States, and, by extension, the entire planet.

In my opinion, the following actions should be taken posthaste:

1.  Have a meeting with Department of Children and Families commissioner Joette Katz, during which she will be expected to provide an airtight defense.  If she fails to do so, tell her to hand in her resignation by day's end.  I understand that Ms. Katz has held some of the highest positions in the state, including a term on the state Supreme Court.  However, a high position carries with it high responsibility.  Those that shirk that responsibility deserve firing.

2.  Hold a press conference where the legislature will be called into special session in which this antiquated law will be rescinded.

3.  Release Jane Doe immediately.

Thank you.


27 May 2014

Marshall University offering transgender support


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Air Travel Is Even More of a Nightmare When You're Trans

Callie Beusman

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Duke Univ. Press Debuts Academic Journal for Transgender Studies


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VA treats 2,500 transgender veterans

Tom Vanden Brook

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Anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church has a new target: D.C.’s Wilson High

 Emma Brown

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ezs note:  Sigh... Fred Phelps may be in the ground, but his knuckleheads live on.  Do us all a favor.  If they show up, encircle them so students can't see the loons.

26 May 2014

For those in the USA, happy Memorial Day!

Credit:  www.kshb.com

US: Gay male student crowned prom queen in Connecticut (UK)

Nick Duffy

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Transgender marriage legal by July even if government misses deadline (Hong Kong)

Phila Siu

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Churches celebrate affirmation this Sunday (Canada)


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Full circle for transgenderism among young people?

Jillian Page

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24 May 2014

My husband chose to become a woman (Australia)

 Wendy Squires

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ezs note: The general rule is the more you try to "fix" things, the more they get messed up.   If you haven't done so already, see a competent therapist, then get your life in order.  It doesn't matter whether your'e in an Australian rock band member or the former governor of New Jersey, (or anyone else) get help now!

Bedford, Nova Scotia

Credit::   http://www.museevirtuel-virtualmuseum.ca

23 May 2014

CeCe McDonald Shuts Down 7 Lies We Tell About Trans Women

 Caira Conner

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Home Office to review Ugandan lesbian woman's deportation order (UK)

Fred McConnell

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Lib Dem trans campaigner Sarah Brown loses council seat (UK)

Scott Roberts

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New York Radio Hosts Kimberly And Beck Fired After Making Anti-Transgender Remarks On Air

Curtis M. Wong

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21 May 2014

Judge: DCF has ‘ample evidence’ of violence by transgender teen

 Hugh McQuaid

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Katey Red's Chicago Debut Will Bring Bounce Music Back To The City

Katie Karpowicz

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Maine gay rights group announces support for Emily Cain in Democrats’ House primary

Seth Koenig

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Bill Cotterell: This test will slow the ‘gay agenda’

Bill Cotterell

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ezs note:  If you live in Florida's 19th state house district, please consider running against Charles Van Zant.  I can't guarantee anything as far as what the results will be, but please know that you will receive my heartfelt thanks.

Plenty of Christians support marriage equality: Guest opinion

Dave Brauer-Ricke

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19 May 2014

'Grow a pair,' Porterville mayor advises bullied students


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ezs note:  Wow.  Mayor Cameron Hamilton, you are, undoubtedly, this year's Asshole of the Year.  I rest my case.

In memory of the 103+....

Credit:  blogspot.com

103 people.  103 human beings. Yesterday, they were alive.  Today, they are gone.  All from the brutality of merciless, savage, vermin.

In reality, though, the people who needlessly were murdered are but a small sliver of the total number.  Out of  230+ countries in the world, only fourteen even bother to keep track of the numbers!

As Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon would so eloquently put it, this is reprehensible.

18 May 2014

Celebrating Gay rights (Fiji)


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ezs note:  Please - I beg of you - if you have any information regarding these heinous acts, go to the authorities NOW.  Don't let these vermin get away with it!!!

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon: It is everyone’s responsibility to speak out against homophobia (UK)

Nick Duffy

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ezs note:  If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or allied straight, and some knucklehead spouts his/her garbage, don't remain silent - SPEAK UP!!!

Schools work to help transgender students fit in

Lisa Leff

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14 May 2014

17 countries join declaration against discrimination in Malta forum (Malta)


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Idaho Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down by Federal Judge

Joel Rosenblatt

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Transgender Ex-Navy SEAL: Military ‘Going Through Puberty’


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Pentagon OK with Manning gender treatment

Tom Vanden Brook

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