17 December 2013

Sacramento School District to Vote on Trans-Inclusive Policy


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A Transgender Volunteer for the Salvation Army


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How Obamacare Helps the LGBT Community

Gautam Raghavan, Matthew Heinz

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Southern Poverty Law Center files suit against Moss Point School District


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This Just In: The LGBT news blog for Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013 (various articles)


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13 December 2013

Japan court issues landmark ruling on transgender parent’s rights


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ezs note:  Yay, Japan!

Church invites transgender choir to perform today (India)

Karishma Kuenzang

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ezs note:  At last... a nice Christmas story!  Thank you, Bishop Matthew!

The hedge fund honcho who despises transgender kids and the gays

Ken Williams

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ezs note:  It's almost Christmas Day. C'mon, you can send an extra five or ten (or more) dollars to the Human Rights Campaign to counter Fieler's insane campaign.  The address is www.hrc.org.  Make Christmas a bit merrier!

New school policy protects transgender students

Frances Dinkelspiel

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HHS to Reevaluate Ban on Gender-Confirming Surgeries

Parker Marie Molloy

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ezs note: cross yer fingers...

12 December 2013

LGBTs to continue development activities despite court verdict (India)


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Younger Americans Back Transgender Worker Protections

Scott Bland

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Two Transgender Women Killed—So Why Can't This City Call Them Hate Crimes?

Matthew Fleischer

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Bay Area schools adapting to changing times

Doug Oakley

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Transgender woman suffers from disability, Brooklyn judge rules

Charisma L. Miller

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11 December 2013


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Tis' the season to be buyin'!  Yeah, I know, it's a bit cheesy, but it's also serious.  The products here are LGBT-positive, so you know they're friendly.  I make no other claims regarding their quality, but, c'mon, there must be at least one you can use!

Betty Crocker
American Apparel
Walt Disney World
The Home Depot
Old Navy
Girl Scouts
JC Penney
Green Giant

(thanks to www.huffingtonpost.com)
Happy shopping!

Transgender model Carmen Carrera makes no secret of wanting to be an Angel for Victoria's Secret (Australia)


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Coalition Still Short in Bid to Repeal Calif. Trans Student Law

Parker Marie Molloy

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Grand Rapids rates below average for LGBT equality

 David Czurak

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ezs note:  If you wish to view the full Human Rights Campaign article, go to www.hrc.org.

DU seeks third gender status for transgenders (India)

Shaswati Das

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Best workplaces for lesbian, gay employees named


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10 December 2013


I recently read a story about two transgender woman who were murdered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. These stories always sadden me, but this one hit me especially hard.  Her name was Betty Skinner.  A 52-year-old woman, she was disabled.  She lived in a senior housing complex.

Just like me.

Tell your Congressperson that there are people who are transgender people of all ages, all races, and all abilities.  Tell them that they are just as deserving of police protection as anyone else.  And if, god forbid, a transgender person is murdered, they deserve a thorough investigation into their murder.

We deserve nothing less. We are human beings.

New Haven, Connecticut  Rosa DeLauro (D)  CT3
Wilmington, North Carolina Walter Jones (R)   NC3
Birmingham, Michigan   Kerry Bentivolio (R)   MI11
Bushkill, Pennsylvania   Tom Marino(R)  PA10
Eastchester, New York   Eliot Engel (D)   NY16
Owings Mills, Maryland  C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)   MD2
North Port, Florida   Vern Buchanan (R)   FL16
Hendersonville, North Carolina Mark Meadows (R) NC11
Kennesaw, Georgia  Phil Gingrey (R)   GA11
Denver, Colorado   Diana DeGette (D)   CO1

The towns and cities listed above are randomly listed through the Internet.  If you live in - not near - one of the towns or cities listed, simply place the cursor over the name of the Congressperson, click it, and you will be transported to the Congressperson's blog.  For any other location, go to www.house.gov, enter the ZIP code, and you will be shown who the Congressperson you should be in touch with.  For more than one Congressperson, enter ZIP+4.  (example: 12345-6789)  You can check the last 4 digits on virtually any mail you receive.

New Haven, Connecticut

Credit: https://www.bluestatecoffee.com


08 December 2013

Transgender appeal lost (Australia)

Stephen Ryan

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Gay partner benefits growing at Fortune 500 firms

Lisa Leff  (AP)

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Turning the page: Transgender woman brings LGBT awareness to Bemidji

 Crystal Dey

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Myths About Gender Confirmation Surgery

Brynn Tannehill

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Two violent deaths in two days worry Cleveland transgender community

 Ron Rutti

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ezs note: Two transgender people - one of whom was disabled and living a senior complex - were brutally murdered over the last few nights.  If you live in Cleveland, or have business or pleasure there, and you know about either one of these murders, please contact Cleveland police immediately!  It's time to make these vermin shake in their boots!

 Their names are Brittany Stergis and Betty Skinner. 

06 December 2013

Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013

Credit: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/ 

Nelson Mandela

A great leader

A great friend

Rest in peace, Mr. Mandela

04 December 2013

Transgender cop files complaint against Middletown Police for “hostile environment”

Kaitlyn Schroyer

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ezs note: Middletown, only 15 miles away... oy...

Ohio Mother Accuses Other Parents Of Harassing Transgender Child On Social Media

 Sarah Fruchtnicht

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Hyattsville bans discrimination against transgender people

Jamie Anfenson-Comeau

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16-year-old transgender student speaks to School Board about being bullied


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03 December 2013

'Night Of 1000 Genders' Celebrated Gender Non-Conforming Youth In NYC

James Nichols

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Rhode Island Home to 1st Transgender High School Coach

Joe Siegel

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Got what it takes?

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So, it's almost Christmas.  Time to buy presents for all the people in the family.  Or it's Hanukkah. Time to buy a beautiful brisket for family and friends.  Or just a time to relax after the bustle that comes with winter.  And it's time to think about your election.


It's too early, you say.  And... me?  Little ole me? What can I bring to the table?  

Plenty.  You just haven't thought of those things yet.  Do you remember Islan Nettles, the transgender woman who was bludgeoned to death?  Or those transgenders who want to work, are desperate to work, but can't find any?  Or the transman who is about to be evicted for the sole reason of who he chooses to be.  Suddenly, you bring eloquence to the table.  One which is sorely lacking without you.

If you think that I'm saying this will be ridiculously easy, sorry, go to Fantasy Island.  The next year will be hard work.  Unless you run unopposed,  you're going to have to take some of the most ridiculous trash possible from your opponent.  And take it all with good cheer.  You may have to run on a shoestring.  A really bad, worn, about-to-fall-apart shoestring.  And if you come in second, you feel as if you lost the universe.  

You didn't, though.  We need voices like yours.  Have courage, and be our voice.

02 December 2013

'Preferred' Pronouns Gain Traction At US Colleges


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An Open Letter to Katherine Svenson of the Delta County School Board

Dannie Dobbins

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ezs note:  Well done, Dannie!

How The Pacific Justice Institute Plans To Continue Demonizing Transgender Children


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Hercules High fight prompts special school board meeting


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Nearly 80 Percent Of Transgender People Have Considered Suicide, Study Says

Sarah Rae Fruchtnicht

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ezs note: If you have considered or attempted suicide, please consider seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you through the rough patches in your life. There's no shame in it, and you'll feel a lot better!  One caveat though - make sure that the person is fully board certified.  If a person claims to "make you straight",walk out and don't pay the quack!

30 November 2013


It's getting to the last month of the last month of the year.  Already!  Here in the United States Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas preparations are on the way.  Little kids who believe in Santa Claus (or, kinda believe) are writing letters or e-letters to be sent to Ole Saint Nick.

However, what do we grown-ups write?  Isn't there anything that we wish for?  Well, let's see. I wish that every transgender person has a home to live in.  I wish that she or he would walk from the store to home without being accosted.  I wish that she or he would hold hands with a girl/boyfriend without being stared at or kicked out.  I wish that she/he be allowed to live, period.

Go ahead, write to Santa Claus. But then write to your Congressperson regarding these essential issues.  Whatever your belief or non-belief, you'll be jollier for it.

Wellington, Kansas   Mike Pompeo (R)  KS4
Scranton, Pennsylvania   Matt Cartwright (D   PA17
San Jose, California  Zoe Lofgren (D)   CA19
Asheville, North Carolina   Patrick McHenry  (R)   NC10
Lawrence, Kansas  Lynn Jenkins (R)   KS2
Yonkers, New York   Eliot Engel (D   NY16
Rowlett, Texas  Pete Sessions (R)   TX32
Belgrade, Montana   Steve Daines (R)   MT(at large)
Winnetka,california   Xavier Becerra (R)   CA34
Towanda, Illinois   Aaron Schock (R)   IL18

The listings above are at random, through the Internet.  If you live in (not near) one of the towns or cities listed above, simply press the name of the person, and you will be transported to their district office.  For other Congresspeople, press www.house.gov, and enter your ZIP code in the upper right corner.  For multiple Congresspeople, enter the ZIP+4 code.(example:  12345-6789)  This can be found on most of your regular mail.  Thanks!

Lawrence, Kansas

Credit:  http://myeducationofagardener.files.wordpress.com/